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Benefit from webinars

Use webinars to create a dynamic, innovative learning space where you can share knowledge, develop skills and prepare entrepreneurs prior to courses, classes or counselling sessions.

Webinars are an effective way to simulate traditional learning environments without the limitations of time and space, while still allowing you to engage with participants, gain overview of their development and track their progress.


Support every step of the way

Some entrepreneurs might be ready to tackle budgeting while others needs to focus on structuring their business model. We offer webinars for every step of the entrepreneurial journey from idea to realisation, and we customise the content to suit the developmental stage and ambitions of the entrepreneurial project.

Perfect for startups

Entrepreneurs are equipped with comprehensive knowledge about business development and can ask questions and receive real-time feedback regarding the topic of the webinar.

Share knowledge and engage with participants

Not only are webinars a great way to share knowledge, they are also a possibility for you to interact with participants thanks to various tools that can be integrated with the webinar.



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You're in good company

Many businesses all across Scandinavia already use our solutions to digitise and optimise their work with entrepreneurs.

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