Digitizing parts of the entrepreneurial journey

Through out fall and winter 2017 we’ve been testing webinars as a new way to help entrepreneurs developing their business skills. The webinars have been targeted towards early stage entrepreneurs, through partners like Business  Region Copenhagen, StartVækst Aarhus, Grant Thornton and more.

What we’ve seen is that it creates great value for the entrepreneurs to use webinars as a part of their preparation before meeting with a public advisor, a business consultants or similar. And from several of our customers we’ve got the feedback that webinars and the Lean Business toolbox are perfect to create common understanding about basic business terminology and the steps in the entrepreneurial process.

The webinars have been tested in both Norway and Denmark and we’re really looking forward to roll them out on a regular basis through out the spring 2018.

Please contacts us on info@leanbusinessplatform.com if you want to know more about the possibilities in webinars and how it can help you develop the entrepreneurs you work with even faster.