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Educating entrepreneurs is a challenging process to structure, because it requires that educators both teach and mentor. Educators must help students understand entrepreneurial methods, models and theories while simultaneously providing them with hands-on experience.

Through our experience working with schools and universities in Scandinavia and the UK, we’ve created a toolbox to help you solve the most common challenges in relation to teaching entrepreneurship.


Challenges we solve

Many of our clients from educational institutions experience challenges regarding:

  • Digitising and customising entrepreneurial processes
  • Creating a coordinated entrepreneurship journey
  • Providing 24/7 education through Reverse Classroom
  • Structuring uniform mentoring processes
  • Training both students and educators in practical application of the Lean method
  • Saving resources through effective knowledge sharing

This is where the Lean Business solution comes in!

Solutions & Services

Our digital platform is used by thousands of students to structure business development and startup processes. The platform allows educators to supervise and provide feedback, while students are able to develop business ideas, access reverse classroom materials and sign up for live webinars.

Digital Platform

Get your own 24/7-accessible toolbox to help structure the entrepreneurial development process and educate and equip entrepreneurs prior to counselling sessions.

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Reverse Classroom

Knowledge sharing and upskilling according to the Reverse Classroom principle provides learning suited to the needs of the organisation – and frees up time for 1:1 guidance.

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To provide educators with a shared framework for teaching, we offer courses that give you extensive knowledge about the Lean Business method and how to use it to help the entrepreneurs you work with.

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Gain access to a wide range of webinars about the various aspects of business development, allowing you to reach large numbers of entrepreneurs without having to meet 1:1. The webinars can also be effectually incorporated into programmes etc.

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Businesses who use our solutions

Entrepreneurs, startups, advisors, bankers, educators and consultants all over Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and South Africa are already using our solutions to overcome the challenge of structuring entrepreneurship.