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The Reverse Classroom concept gives you the opportunity to redefine the way you work with entrepreneurs by educating and preparing them ahead of 1:1 counselling or teaching sessions.

Our Reverse Classroom materials consist of instructional content such as online pre-recorded videos, which allow entrepreneurs to take control of their own learning by pausing, rewinding and rewatching and equip them with necessary knowledge – so you canspend more time counselling and less time explaining.


12 steps toward Entrepreneurship

Our materials are structured as 12 Knowledge Modules, covering casework, practical assignments and industry-independent entrepreneurship classes.

We adapt the materials and create additional sessions according to your needs, so you receive a complete package with videos, case studies, assignments, customised tutorials and Q&A's.


Entrepreneurs have online access to the videos and can watch them anytime

Case studies

Relevant case studies are incorporated into the material to exemplify theory


All modules include assignments to give entrepreneurs hands-on experience

Learning objectives

Each module contains learning objectives to clarify what entrepreneurs will achieve


Q & A sessions


Ready-made presentations


Course materials

Learning objectives


Case studies

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Many businesses all across Scandinavia already use our solutions to digitise and optimise their work with entrepreneurs.

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