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What did they need?

UCL EDUCATE programme sought to procure a solution from a technology partner that can devise and develop an appropriate suite of entrepreneurship tools for live operational use with the following critical objectives:

  • A toolset that caters for both business and research disciplines
  • Can be used to monitor and track the progress of cohort members and cohort groups to satisfy ERDF agreed deliverables
  • Can satisfy ERDF evidentiary and compliance requirements
  • Can be administered and used by UCL EDUCATE staff, cohorts, and external support parties


UCL has procured Lean Business Platform (LBP) to enable cohort management and portfolio business progress monitoring and development.

LBP is currently delivering for UCL Institute of Education EDUCATE:

  • A white label SaaS being used as the internal ‘engine’ for new venture growth and collaborative incubation projects for the programme duration with additional options for 2 years
  • An all-new ‘Research’ case-template built on LBP framework being used for academic research projects
  • Supporting cohort performance dashboard and analytics tools
  • Lean Training and support for approximately 250 innovative technology startups and scale-ups
  • Entrepreneurship e-learning modules and content for the EDUCATE ‘virtual incubator’ online course
  • Use of LBP for PhD and post-graduate students of the UCL Institute of Education


The EDUCATE project is a three year European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funded initiative that is led by University College London. EDUCATE is delivering a physical and virtual Edtech incubator for technology SMEs. The focus of EDUCATE is to provide business growth support and bespoke mentoring for approximately 250 Edtech SMEs across the lifetime of the programme, working with business and academic mentors to help inform the design of their innovative products and services.

UCL required a solution that is able to support all this activity, help to facilitate collaboration between SMEs and mentors on their innovation projects, and track and manage business progress outputs to provide key evidence of intervention and impact for ERDF compliance requirements.  

The UCL Institute of Education is a world-leading centre for research and teaching in social science, education, and learning technologies, ranked number one for education worldwide in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 QS World University Rankings.

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