New Features and fixes

Fix of colors and linking in business ideas
Warning dialog added indicating that the currently logged in user has changed
Numerous improvements in milestone and numeric objectives/subobjectives dialogs (due month, achieved month and adding subobjectives bugs)
Overview chart for PL fixed
Missing texts on Tests added to the translation system
Added validation on user registration form
Bug fixed: cases on all platform sites created without money setting by default
Bug fixed: In Test descriptions the first letter of all words is capital
IE11 bugsin Tests are fixed
Dashboards fixes and improvements
Tags functionality added to the cases management screen
Filtering by tags added to cases list
New case view, status, sorting and bulk operations added
New attachments design provided with attachments details and descriptions
Added ability to change roles and delete platform members
Added security permissions checks on backed for members, cases and attachments
Opened a new platform with dashboard
Data Warehouse fixes
8 bugs fixed related to showing correct historical data