Effectively manage your startup portfolio and keep track of development

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Optimise your work with entrepreneurs

If you help startups grow and realise their potential through investments, we want to help you manage and structure the entire entrepreneurial process – from initial screening and business development to analysis of financial progress and monthly reports.


Challenges we solve

Many of our clients who invest in startups often face challenges regarding:

  • Digitising the management of portfolio companies
  • Structuring the entrepreneurial journey
  • Gaining insight into entrepreneurship via data collection
  • Saving resources through effective knowledge sharing


This is where the Lean Business solution comes in!


Our platform and digital tools allow you to manage the entrepreneurial process and gain a complete overview of your startup portfolio. The platform also provides you with detailed insight into startups and makes it easy to analyse relevant information – keeping you up to date on their development.



Discovery Workshop

We facilitate a 3-hour Discovery Workshop in which we map the journey you want startups to take.


Digital Platform

The workshop serves as the basis for creating a custom-built platform that gives you a complete overview of all startups.



We provide training and guidance in every aspect of the platform so that you can manage the entire process, from screening applicants to tracking their progress.



Equipped with the right tools and training, you’re now ready to optimise your work with startups.
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Businesses who use our solutions

Entrepreneurs, startups, advisors, bankers, educators and consultants all over Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and South Africa are already using our solutions to overcome the challenge of structuring entrepreneurship.