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Accelerate entrepreneurs

If you help startups accelerate their growth and realise their potential, we want to help you optimise your efforts. Our tools build upon Lean principles and allow you to structure and monitor the entire entrepreneurial journey in one place, supporting screening processes, workflows and business development.


Challenges we solve

Many of our clients working in incubators, both industry-specific and cross-industrial, experience challenges regarding:

  • Digitising the development process of startups
  • Combining tools, counselling and monitoring
  • Creating a coordinated entrepreneurship journey
  • Collecting aggregated data for analytic purposes

This is where the Lean Business solution comes in!


Our solutions for incubators help you accelerate startups by giving you the tools to structure the process of identifying scalable business models and bringing startups from idea to successful realisation.

You’ll receive a custom-built digital platform to help you facilitate the process, and we tailor-make programmes and webinars suited to the requirements of you and your startups.

Digital Platform

Get your own 24/7-accessible toolbox to help structurethe entrepreneurial development process and educate and equip entrepreneurs prior to counselling sessions.


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Workshops & Trainings

We tailor-make programmes, workshops and training sessions that can stand alone or be incorporated into your own programmes. All our programmes aim to accelerate the development of startups and their enterprises from idea to realisation.

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Gain access to a wide range of webinars about the various aspects of business development, allowing you to reach large numbers of entrepreneurs without having to meet 1:1. The webinars can also be effectually incorporated into programmes etc.

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Businesses who use our solutions

Entrepreneurs, startups, advisors, bankers, educators and consultants all over Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and South Africa are already using our solutions to overcome the challenge of structuring entrepreneurship.