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28sep08:4511:30Workshop i Lean Entrepreneurship!Country:NorwayCity:Bergen

28sep(sep 28)09:0029(sep 29)16:00Certified Advisor, Level 1+2Country:SwedenCity:Stockholm

02oct19:0020:30Webinar - EntrepreneurLearn to structure your business ideaCountry:DenmarkCity:Online

03oct(oct 3)09:0004(oct 4)17:00Certified Advisor, Level 1+2Country:DenmarkCity:Copenhagen

10oct(oct 10)08:3011(oct 11)16:30Certified Advisor, Level 1+2Country:NorwayCity:Kristiansand

11oct(oct 11)09:0010nov(nov 10)16:00Program for creative industries "Bygg Bedrift" - Fredrikstad og Halden11.-12. October + 9. - 10. NovemberCountry:Norway

18oct(oct 18)12:0023nov(nov 23)13:00Program for creative industries "Bygg Bedrift" - Bodø18.-19. October + 22.-23. NovemberCountry:NorwayCity:Bodø

24oct(oct 24)12:0029nov(nov 29)13:00Program for creative industries "Bygg Bedrift" - Drammen24.-25. October + 28.-29. NovemberCountry:Norway

25oct(oct 25)12:0023nov(nov 23)13:00Program for creative industries "Bygg Bedrift" - Sogn & Fjordane25.-26. October + 22.-23. NovemberCountry:NorwayCity:Sogn og Fjordane

26oct(oct 26)09:0027(oct 27)16:00Certified Advisor, Level 1+2Country:SwedenCity:Stockholm

01nov(nov 1)08:3002(nov 2)16:30Certified Advisor, Level 1+2Country:NorwayCity:Trondheim

01nov(nov 1)09:0002(nov 2)17:00Certified Advisor, Level 1+2Country:DenmarkCity:Aarhus

01nov(nov 1)12:0030(nov 30)13:00Program for creative industries "Bygg Bedrift" - Oslo1.-2. November + 29.-30. NovemberCountry:Norway

08nov(nov 8)08:3009(nov 9)16:30Certified Advisor, Level 1+2Country:NorwayCity:Oslo

14nov(nov 14)09:0006dec(dec 6)13:00Program for creative industries "Bygg Bedrift" - Møre og Romsdal14. november + 5. - 6. desemberCountry:NorwayCity:Møre og Romsdal

22nov(nov 22)08:3023(nov 23)16:30Certified Advisor, Level 1+2Country:NorwayCity:Skien

27nov(nov 27)09:0028(nov 28)16:00Certified Advisor, Level 1+2Country:SwedenCity:Stockholm

14dec(dec 14)09:0015(dec 15)16:00Certified Advisor, Level 1+2Country:SwedenCity:Stockholm