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Who we are

Lean Business is an organisation where radical innovation takes place. We truly abide by the lean principles. This means that interaction with clients is at the core of our business, and we believe that the starting point for all corporate value creation lies in building knowledge. We use this knowledge to build great products, which creates value for you – our clients.

What we do

Lean Business is an Entrepreneurship Technology company that digitise entrepreneurship. Our digital tools and services support entrepreneurs on the journey from idea to realisation by facilitating communication between entrepreneurs and the people who help them.

We've empowered banks, investors, universities and public entrepreneurship since 2013 through digital tools and services. Our methodology and approach is based on data from more than 10,000 startup cases, and our knowledge of entrepreneurial processes is continuously growing.


The Lean Business Team

We're a dedicated team of people working to create digital tools and services to help entrepreneurs go from idea to realisation.

Erlend Bang Abelsen
Founder & Partner, Norway
Yngve Dahle
Founder & Partner, Norway
Christoffer Jakobson
Partner & delivery manager, Denmark
Arne-Morten Knutsen
Partner, Norway
Muzi Mtshali
Partner, South Africa
Roman Chizhevsky
CTO, Norway
Francois Elsafadi
Partner, Norway
Mathias Wassen
Partner, Sweden
Thøger Riis Michelsen
Partner, Denmark
Jakob Carstensen
Partner, Denmark
Anna Chizhevskaya
Advisor, Norway
Kriss Baird
Partner, UK
Steve Mayall
Partner, UK
Marang Marekimane
Partner, South Africa
Shonisani Lethole
Partner, South Africa

Let's talk

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