• Release Notes 2017-05-19 (NEW) 

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  • Release Notes 2017-01-26

    The design has been greatly improved. But, that is just a little part of it – throughout the platform we have implemented hundreds of improvements:

    Customization - We have opened up for customization of the platform and white labelling of the platform. This enable organizations that work with startups or innovation processes to implement their own customized version of the Lean Business Entrepreneurship Platform on their website. We are already developing customized versions to incubators, banks, consultancies and grant providers in several countries.

    Simplification and usability - We have simplified the user interface wherever possible.

    Overview – with the new Overview it's easy to check the pulse of the company. You also have a great starting point for reporting your progress to your partners.

    Products and services - We have of course adapted all our services to the new Platform, so our Business Brunches, Certifications and Tailored Programs are more efficient than ever.