We think of enablers as people, companies and organisations that help and support entrepreneurs to succeed. No matter if you’re an advisor, a banker, a venture capitalist or operate within a incubator you aim is to help entrepreneurs with two things; First you want to make sure the business idea is sustainable, second you want to support them developing the idea into business.

Get inspired by these cases

  • Aarhus Municipality – StartUp Generator

  • Innovation Norway

  • Grant Thornton

  • Validé


Services we provide

Customized Platform

Digitize and customize entrepreneurial processes

Create your own dashboard to keep track of all projects

Collect data and get insights for future use

Certification Courses

Be a pro in the Lean Business methodoligy

Get the tools to help others going from idea to realization

Be able to give both consultancy and a platform that keeps your help lasting longer

Entrepreneurship programs

Tailored packages of facilitated training sessions

Using proven methods and tools we help accelerate and realise big ideas

We teach entrepreneurs that talking to customers and users from the start is mission critical