Certified Lean Business Mentor

Gain valuable skills to become a lean business mentor in just one day

Languages: DK, NO, SE, UK
Duration: 1 day
Price: Euro 550


For who?

Anyone that would like to develop better entrepreneurs using accepted principles and novel tools. You may already be working in the public or the private sector or teach in a school, college, or university, or perhaps you are a professional business developer? There are no specific requirements or previous experience required, other than taking an active interest in Entrepreneurship.



You want to learn more about Lean Business development and will offer your skills to Entrepreneurs. Perhaps you feel that you would like to be equipped with better tools to really make a difference to Entrepreneurs you are helping.


What is it?

A short course in Lean Business development that bring you up-to-date on modern Lean Business principles and practices. This course provides a practical approach to help adopt modern theories and methods for business modelling, innovation and ideation, disciplined entrepreneurship, Lean Startup, Running Lean, and activity-based cost projections. You will be taught by seasoned entrepreneurs that have been on the entrepreneurship journey themselves. You will also become fluent in using digital Entrepreneurship tools. The day consist of 30% lectures and 70% active case work.

You’ll meet one of us:

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